How to install your Tate Fencing Storage Chest

The Tate Fencing guide to assembling your storage chest. We have put together this installation guide to show you how to assemble your storage chest. You can download or print a copy by clicking on the “Download as PDF button“. If you require any further help please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our sales team, we are more than happy to assist you.

Step 1 – Ensure the shed has a level & sufficient base in place. A concrete or sleeper base is ideal. Position the floor ensuring it is level.

Step 2 – With the floor in place, each panel can now be positioned & screwed together starting with the back panel.

Step 3 – The side panels sit on top of the floor panel. The cladding over hangs the floor panel and finishes flush to the edge. Screw panels together through the framework. Repeat step 2nd side panel.

Step 4 – The last panel to be fitted and screwed into place is the front panel.

Step 5 – Secure the front panel by screwing through framework into side panel framework, using fixings provided.

Step 6 – You have been provided with 5 x shelf supports that can now be fixed at the same level height on the inside frame.

Step 7 – These supports should be screwed into the far corner, the middle side support and the centre of the back panel. Ensure that they are all the same height for a level shelf.

Step 8 – Once supports are secure, the shelf can be placed into position & screwed into framework. The shelf must be installed before the roof is positioned.

Step 9 – The roof section is then put in place. Ensure the framework of the roof sits snug around panels.

Step 10 – The roof is the secured by using screws up through panel framework into roof framework.

Step 11 – For the front, you are supplied with two sets of interlocking fillet.

Step 12 – Fit the two sections together and place into position on the left & right hand side of the front panel. Nail into place. Repeat step for other side.

Step 13 – Two slim pieces of corner fillet have been provided to be nailed into place on back left & right hand corners.

Step 14 – Roll the felt across the roof leaving approx. 60mm overhang.

Step 15 – Fold the felt neatly at the corner and tack along the roof edge.

Step 16 – The side edging boards are then cut to fit and nailed to sandwich the felt along the roof edge.

Step 17 – The excess front and rear edging boards are trimmed with a handsaw for a perfect fit.

Step 18 – Next step is to fit the double doors using the hinges & screws provided. Screw into the previously fitted corner fillet on the left & right of the front.

Step 19 – Repeat Step 18 for the second door, so that the doors will look something like this.

Step 20 – Provided with this chest are two brenton bolts for securing the doors in a closed position.

Step 21 – Fit the bolt section at the height required on the door. Fit the ‘keep’ section on the central frame ensuring the two elements fit correctly. Repeat on 2nd door symetrically.

Step 22 – Your storage chest is now complete!