Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions.

How should I measure my garden for my new fence?

The easiest way to measure your garden is in metres; we only supply closeboard ‘bays’ in 1.8m, 2.4m and 3.0m (centre to centre) widths, so by measuring your garden this way you can easily judge how many ‘bays’ you will require. If you require a gate, please remember to take into account the extra hanging and closing posts you will need.

How long should the posts be?

We always recommend at least 600mm (2′) in the ground; for example, a 1.2m (4′) fence would require a 1.8m (6′) post. As always there are exceptions to this rule i.e. tanalised posts with a 2 way or 4 way round top (closeboard fencing only), because of the round tapering out further down the post (approximately 75mm), it would clash with the top mortise and look untidy. For these reasons, with a round top post, we would specify the next size of post usually adding an extra 300mm (1′) to compensate.

Can I have different tops on the posts?

Absolutely. We can manufacture your fence to almost any specification, including post tops. We do have our own standards and will make some assumptions when you order a fence with us. ‘Back Weathered’ 100 x 100mm posts on a flat, straight run. We do not charge extra for corner posts but we still need to be told if one or more is required within a run. Corner post tops will vary to that of the intermediate and end posts – Back Weathered intermediates have Flat Top corner posts, 2 way Round Top intermediates have 4 way Round Top corner posts and 2 way Pointed Top intermediates have 4 way Pointed Top corner posts. If anything other than this is required, we will need to be notified prior to ordering.

I have over ordered on my materials. Can I return the surplus goods?

Yes, although returned goods are subject to the following conditions; Goods will only be accepted if they are accompanied by the original proof of purchase and still be in the original condition that the goods left the yard. Goods may only be returned if purchased no more than 30 days previous. All returned goods will be subject to an administration charge.

Can you deliver my order anywhere?

We can deliver any where you require at a cost. Our local delivery area is divided into sections – we deliver to these sections on different days. Outside of our local delivery area, the delivery costs and delivery days may vary. If you want to know when a delivery would be available or a delivery cost, please contact us for an estimate.

How do I qualify for free delivery?

If the total value of your order is above £400, and the delivery is within our local delivery area then you qualify for free delivery. If your delivery is outside the area a delivery cost would be incurred. For more details, please visit our delivery page.

I wanted something made bespoke to my plans. Is this possible?

Yes, we have the ability to manufacture a wide variety of bespoke projects. You would need to call us to discuss your needs with one of our Sales team and then we will work out a price for your tailored item. All bespoke gates or project materials require payment up front and are non refundable once manufactured.

How do I pay for my order?

You can either pay over the phone with a card or visit us at one of branches and pay over the counter. We accept cash, cheque with guarantee card and all major debit & credit cards (excluding American Express). In some circumstances, we can accept cash on delivery.