Tate Fencing garden pergolas

Pergolas at Tate Fencing are manufactured in kit form for installation on site. Components can be sold separately or we offer a standard size pergola with all the necessary components included within the price. Need some advice on constructing your pergola? See some of our past examples for pergolas we have made.

Designing your Pergola

A Tate Fencing pergola is a perfect accompaniment to any garden. Pergolas can be a free standing structure, attached to a property or built into a deck. They can be used to link parts of your garden together or add interesting areas to your outside space. All pergolas are made bespoke so they are tailored to fit and dramatically enhance your garden.

Pergola construction example

Pergolas comprise of three parts; support posts, main beams and top beams. The timber specifications are dependent on the purpose, size and positioning of the pergola. When designing larger pergolas we recommend using 125 x 125mm posts – this allows adequate room for a 50mm notch in the top of the post. The size of timber used is important so the structure is not only safe but also creates the right balance of timber to compliment its surroundings.

The main beams are generally 47 x 125mm or 47 x 150mm depending on the span, and can be ‘S’ shaped at the end. For example, 47 x 125mm for up to a 3.6m span and 47 x 150mm for 4.8m span (guide purposes only).

Top beams can also have ‘S’ shaped ends and be notched to sit onto the main beam at approximately 600mm centres. However, all this depends on the size of the pergola and look and feel you are trying to create with your design.

      Pergola construction diagram      

Need help designing your pergola?

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