Closeboard Fencing in kit form from TATE Fencing

Our Closeboard bays are supplied as loose components and when fitted together combine to make an extremely sturdy and durable fence. Bay kit includes 1 post and all materials necessary to construct 1 bay.

Tate Fencing Close Board Fencing can some times be referred to as Featherboard Fencing. This traditional Close Board Fencing is the industry standard solid boarded fence, and our most popular style of fencing supplied and installed.  All our Close Board Fencing is pressure treated (Tanalised) by us on site and comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Also for your information our pre-made Close Board Fence Panels are also made using the same feather edge boards as we supply here in our Closeboard fencing kit form.

Closeboard Fencing from Tate Fencing

We can supply 'green' (light brown) closeboard fencing in a kit form, this contains all the components you need to construct your own closeboard fence at home. Choose from a large combination of heights, bay sizes, post sizes (and types) and optional extras to create a fence most suited to you and your environment. We can also offer a combination of timber components with concrete posts and/or concrete gravel boards; our concrete materials although more expensive tend to outlast the timber equivalent. Take a look at all the components we have to offer.

Working out what you will need?

These materials are a core product for us at Tate Fencing so our Sales team are well trained in helping to plan your fence run and advise on all the components you will need.
If you supply us with the accurate measurement for the length of the closeboard fence run and the overall height of your required garden fence we are happy to work it all out for you.
Even better if you can send us a bird eye drawing of the closeboard fence run, we can work out all the materials required including corner posts, end posts, step or change of level posts, even down to amount of nails and post mix needed to install your perfect close board fence. you can send your enquiry here

Using Components to construct Closeboard Fencing

Closeboard bays are supplied as loose components and when fitted together combine to make an extremely sturdy and durable fence. The posts supplied, as standard, with a back weathered top and are pre-mortised to accept the ended arris rails. This provides a very strong frame for the feather edge boards to be attached to. For additional durability the bay comes complete with a gravel board that fits at the base of the fence this protects the bottom of the feather boards. All heights specified include the gravel board. Other post tops are available to order.
Closeboard Construction
Counter rail & Capping Option
A further upgrade option is to install the finishing counter rail and capping option. The advantages of counter rail and capping is that it provides greater strength and an improved appearance. The counter rail is mortised into the posts and when the feather edge is attached it will provide a solid base for the capping to be secured to.
Counter Rail and Capping option
Post top option
These are available as an extra upgrade from the standard back weathered fence post. Your Posts for closeboard fencing can be shaped and 'topped' to suit your specification; all of our posts are held in stock with a flat top to allow each post to be machined to order. Back weathered posts are usually offered as standard with our standard closeboard fencing , whereas Round top is suited for use with counter rail and capping as an optional extra.
See below for our available post top options:-
Post Top Options
Closeboard fencing with Trellis
The option is available to have a garden trellis section to the top of your closeboard fence run. This gives a less visually intrusive fence but still the security of a closeboard fence. The light is allowed through the trellis on top of the fence and the trellis also allows the ability to grow plants up. We have a 300mm high, 450mm high & 600mm high trellis option available on all our garden closeboard fencing bays.