Chestnut Fencing from TATE Fencing

Hardwood Chestnut fencing from Tate Fencing enables you to create an attractive fence by combining several chestnut materials; cleft chestnut paling, cleft chestnut stakes, chestnut strainer posts and struts.

Suggested uses for Chestnut Products from Tate Fencing

Chestnut Hurdle Posts
These hurdle posts are designed for use with Hazel Hurdle panels or Willow Hurdle panels as they are pointed to drive at one end for easy installation. Unpeeled finish, locally sourced product.

Chestnut Poles
Available in a choice of diameters and lengths for the construction of rustic garden structures. Flat ended, unpeeled finish. Please call to see what materials we have currently available.

Cleft Chestnut Rails
Available in 3 different lengths (6'6", 9'6" and 12'0") to be used to create traditional Chestnut Post & Rail fencing. The ends of these rails are shaped to fit into the mortises of our Cleft Chestnut posts. Finish and diameter varies due to cleft finish.

Cleft Chestnut Posts
Available in one length of 6'6" (1.95m) and mortised to order for either 2 or 3 cleft chestnut rails. Unlike other suppliers, we trim our Cleft Chestnut Posts giving them two flat surfaces in which to add the standard two mortise hole details. All posts are trimmed and held in stock as blank posts allowing us to machine each post to your specific order. The term 'Cleft' describes how our posts are created; by splitting and dividing a large section of chestnut post into usable sections.

Chestnut Strainer Posts
Choose from 2 diameters (3"-4" or 5"-6") for our 7' length Straining posts, to be used at the start and end of a fence run, corners and ground level changes. Designed to take the strain of fencing attached to it such as stock fencing, chestnut paling or simple chicken netting.

Chestnut Struts
Available in one size, 7' long and 3" in diameter, which should be combined with our Chestnut Strainer Posts. Should be installed at an angle to support and take some of the strain of wire or fencing installed. Long lasting hardwood, locally sourced, no need for treatment.

Cleft Chestnut Paling
Can be purchased in heights ranging from 3' up to 6' in either 15' or 30' roll sizes. Perfect for use as a temporary fence, for use in your garden, as garden borders. Combine with chestnut strainers and chestnut struts to create a fully tensioned fence.

Cleft Chestnut Stakes
Buy your stakes in lengths ranging from 4'6" up to 8'0". Due to the 'cleft' finish of each stake, we cannot guarantee the diameter and finished size of each stake as each varies to the next.