Prepare and protect your garden fence this winter!

A well-designed fence made from quality materials, is a good investment and an asset to any property.  Providing security, privacy and style, a fence will more than stand the test of time when properly installed & maintained, and that means preparing for wintertime when posts and panels are most at risk.

Tate Fencing offers professional expertise and a large range of fencing and fencing products – everything you need to get your fence ‘winter-ready’ and guard against damage caused by high winds and increased rainfall.

Tate Fencing’s Winter-ready Checklist:

  • All Tate Fencing posts are tanalised treated to UCL4 standards, but any other fence posts and panels you may have that are not correctly treated are at risk from rot. Ensure your posts are stable. it’s vital check the condition of the wood, especially at the base of the posts (which should be firmly set in the ground), as this is the area most likely to fail in high winds.
  • If you discover rot anywhere in your fence, then come and talk to us about replacement posts and panels or reinforcement options, such as concrete repair spurs. The failure of a single post can have devastating consequences for the fence bays or panels on either side, or the integrity of the fence as a whole.  Taking action now, before winter gets under way, can avoid disaster and significantly higher costs later on.

    rotten broken palisade fence
  • Keep an eye on your fencing over the winter months with higher winds and harsher weather damage can easily occur. Fix or replace any damaged panels or fencing as soon possible. This will prevent the damage from getting worse, the fence from weakening, and potentially completely falling over.
  • If you have decided to treat your fence with an aftermarket shop-bought woodcare product, then it might be worth adding another coat before the weather starts to turn. Woodcare treatments come in a range of colours to enhance every garden and outdoor space. We will be happy to advise on and supply an appropriate product to protect and extend the life of your fence.
  • Tanalised timber is wood that comes ready treated with an impregnated preservative. If you’re thinking about a new fence, or replacing all or part of an existing structure, then talk to us about the benefits of pre-treated timber.

December to March – Storm Season in the UK

There’s a lot you can do to protect other precious garden items – planters, BBQs and furniture – from the storms and high winds that strike the UK between December and March.

Where possible, store these things inside during winter or relocate them to a more sheltered spot.  Alternatively, when a storm is forecast, take steps to secure items in-situ.  High winds can pick up and hurl anything left unsecured, damaging the item itself and whatever it strikes.

Trees unable to withstand high winds pose a threat to property and lives.  Broken branches alone can cause a lot of damage.  A qualified tree surgeon will carry out an assessment and advice on how to make safe all the trees in your garden.  Contact your Local Planning Authority for permission before carrying out work to trees in a Conservation Zone, or subject to a Tree Preservation Order.

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