garden fence damage

Fence Damage

Have you suffered damage to your garden fence in the recent storm and high winds?

We stock everything you need to repair or replace your garden fencing.


Concrete Repair Spurs

To repair a timber fence post which has snapped off or rotten off at ground level.
The repair spur is dug in & cemented in the ground up against the broken fence post.
various size repair spurs available from stock  

Garden Fence Panels

Complete replacement garden panels. If your fence panel is beyond repair we stock complete closeboard fence panels and waney edge garden panels.
Pressure treated ready to install as a direct replacement fence panel.
Garden panels all sizes available.  

Garden fence posts

Fence components

Broken fence post, replacement broken fence boards &  broken fence rails.
We have all the individual fence components that make up your garden fence,
Fence components all available from stock

Fence rail bracket

Fence brackets

Fixing garden panels to fence posts and repairing broken fence rails. We also stock the necessary fence brackets, panel brackets and arris rail repair brackets to repair all types of garden fencing.
All our fence repair brackets are available from stock

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