The Tanalising process used to treat timber used by Tate Fencing

TANALITH® E is the latest generation wood preservative, used by TATE FENCING. Already established in markets throughout the world. TANALITH® E treated timber provides a proven alternative to traditional CCA treated timber for the timber trade and for the general public.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 1. The tanalising process involves placing the timber within the treatment cylinder and creating an initial vacuum within the timber cells.

Step 2. The cylinder is then flooded under vacuum with the preservative treatment.

Step 3. Hydraulic pressure is then applied, forcing the preservative deep into the timber cells.

Step 4. After a pre-determined period of pressure depending on the species of timber being treated and its eventual use, the treatment solution is pumped back into storage and a final vacuum extracts any excess treatment solution from the timber.

Step 5. Low pressure inside the timber draws in surface solution when vented to the atmosphere and the treated timber is left for a specified period for fixation of preservative to occur.

TANALITH® E preservative has a unique copper and organic biocide (triazole) formulation allowing TANALITH® E treated timber to be used where special environmental concerns or restrictions exist, as well as the everyday construction, landscaping and engineering applications for which treated timber is reowned, e.g. children’s play areas.